Medical Policies

Requirements for Administering Medication

1. The parent or guardian of the students shall deliver the medication to school in person. The prescribed medication shall be in the original container bearing the original pharmacy label, which includes the directions from the physician, name of medication, date and student's name. The nonprescription medication shall be in the original container with date, student's name, and written instructions from the student's parent or guardian attached.

2. The parent or guardian shall sign an Authorization for Administering Medication by School Personnel card obtained from the school nurse.

3. The parent or guardian is encouraged to bring limited amounts of medication to school and to schedule times of administration so that a minimum number of doses will be given during the school day. Parents should ask the pharmacist for a small bottle with the pharmacy label attached to accommodate medicine to be brought to school.)

4. The medication must be administered by the school employee designated by the school administrator.