Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

The fifth grade team would like to welcome all incoming fifth grade students. We want this year to be a positive and wonderful culmination to elementary school. The fifth grade is full of adventure and exploration as we revisit old curriculum and investigate new curriculum. We will travel through caves, visit the judicial system, participate in D.A.R.E., (Drug Awareness Resistance Education), learn about algebra, geometry, symmetry, writing skills, plays, and participate in novel study. We will do all this while practicing the life goals of: Do the Right Thing-Treat People Right. Come to school well rested and prepared to learn and explore. Together, we can make it a truly memorable adventure!

Standards and Textbooks Fifth Grade Indiana Academic Standards Social Studies Textbook Reading Textbook Science Textbook Health Textbook Activities... (cont'd)
Each fifth grade student is required to keep an agenda/homework assignment book. Fifth grade teachers maintain a list of daily classroom... (cont'd)
Walk Through the Looking Glass and Find... Change: Colonial America, Earth and Physical Science, The Human Body Legacy: Early America, Explorers,... (cont'd)